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  • LLOG Exploration is the leading privately-owned deepwater exploration company operating in the Gulf of Mexico, and one of the top 10 private oil and gas producers in the United States.
  • Delta House Hull Sails for America. The hull of the Delta House FPS set sail from Korea. It began its 2 month journey on March 25th and is now on its way to Ingleside, Texas where it will be integrated with the topsides fabricated at Kiewit Offshore Services yard.
  • The sailing of the hull represents an important milestone for the Delta House Project.
  • LLOG and Seadrill have signed a multi-year contract for two ulra-deepwater drillships, the West Neptune (Delivery Q4 2014) and the Sevan Louisiana (Delivery Q2 2014), which will continue development of LLOG's Delta House fields.
  • LLOG and Blackstone have formed a long-term, strategic partnership and have committed to invest over $1.2 billion to expand and accelerate LLOG’s offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Delta House FPS, similar in design to LLOG's Opti-Ex FPS located at Who Dat field, will be installed in Mississippi Canyon in 1Q 2015.
  • The Noble Amos Runner is on location drilling development wells at LLOG's Who Dat field in Mississippi Canyon.
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Historical Timeline

A compelling view of LLOG's history.

Launch 3D Timeline
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Company Overview

LLOG's growth over the years.

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Opti-Ex FPS & Delta House FPS

Learn more about the Opti-Ex and Delta House FPS.

Opti-Ex Delta House
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Asset Map

Explore the LLOG Asset Map.

Asset Map

Welcome to LLOG

LLOG Exploration is the leading privately-owned deepwater exploration company operating in the Gulf of Mexico, and one of the top 10 private oil and gas producers in the United States. Additionally, we hold a position as one of the top 20 companies overall operating in the Gulf. We sustain an organic growth strategy by generating, acquiring, drilling, and developing exploration projects. Our high quality and balanced portfolio has grown to include 137 Gulf of Mexico blocks and net 2P reserves of over 200 MMBOE. LLOG is the tenth most active driller in the Gulf and over the past five decades has maintained an exceptional success rate of 70% on nearly 850 exploration wells drilled. Our success is attributed to a talented and dedicated staff: professionals with an average industry experience of nearly thirty years.

Historical Timeline

    • LLOG founded in Metairie, LA in 1977
    • Initial focus in Louisiana Onshore/Inland Waters
    • Company’s first well drilled in Lafitte Field
    • 1st discovery well drilled by LLOG was in the East White Lake Field, which was the catalyst for LLOG’s beginnings
    • Focused in Louisiana Onshore/Inland Waters
    • Acquired interest in Blind Bay, Coquille Bay, & Mustang Island from various operators
    • Coquille Bay asset sale totaling ~$12MM
    • Made multiple discoveries in Blind Bay, Lake Washington, Bayou Penchant, Coquille Bay, Deer Island, & Lac Blanc Fields
    • Operated 43 wells with a success rate of 53%
    • Focused in Louisiana Onshore/State and Federal Waters
    • Discoveries in Boutte Field, Saturday Island, Bayou Pigeon, Bayou Postillion, Chacahoula, Southeast Pass, Paradis, Grosse Island, Chandeleur Sound, Bayou St. Vincent, Main Pass & Breton Sound
    • 13 asset sales totaling ~$420MM
    • Opened Houston and Lafayette offices
    • First well in federal offshore waters (Galveston 191L)
    • Operated 286 wells with a success rate of 76%
    • Focused in Louisiana Onshore/State and Federal Waters
    • 13 Asset sales totaling ~$1.9 Billion
    • Opened Covington office
    • Acquired first deepwater GOM lease
    • Drilled first deepwater discovery at Garden Banks 205
    • LLOG’s first deepwater rig, Ocean Saratoga, under long term contract
    • First deepwater discovery in water depths of >2000’ at Green Canyon 157/201; first discovery >3000’ water depth – Green Canyon 448
    • Mississippi Canyon 503 discovery
    • SOAR Award recipient in 2008
    • Operated 445 wells with a success rate of 80%
    • Focused in Louisiana Onshore/State and Federal Waters
    • 6 Asset sales totaling ~$460MM
    • Acquired the Opti Ex FPSO for MC 503 “Who Dat” Field; 7 wells producing at Who Dat with 4-7 additional wells remaining
    • Began construction of Delta House; a semi-submersible FPS with capacity of 100,000 bopd, 240 mmcfd, and 40,000 bwpd
    • Operated 62 wells with a success rate of 84%
    • 2014: Delta House FPS installed at location
    • Delivery of Sevan Louisiana; an ultra Deepwater Rig and the 1st Cylindrical rig in GOM
    • Delivery of Seadrill West Neptune Drill Ship which is a new build in South Korea; The rig will have two BOPs, will be outfitted to work in up to 10,000 feet of water, and is capable of water depths up to 12,000 feet and drilling depths up to 37,000 feet
    • 2015: 1st quarter Delta House 1st production