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An industry leader in deepwater projects

LLOG Exploration

Our Mission Statement

To deliver highly-profitable and sustainable growth by identifying, capturing and developing the best drilling prospects available to industry with an uncompromising commitment to safe practices and ethical standards.

LLOG Exploration embodies the American dream. We were founded in 1977 in Metairie, Louisiana. Through passion, talent, and unwavering dedication, LLOG has matured into a legendarily profitable company. LLOG is not limited by our comparatively small size; we consistently rank amongst the industry’s majors in production and safety performance.

Our success is attributed to our world class talent: over 170 professionals that represent the best of their fields.

LLOG Exploration is headquartered in Covington, Louisiana with offices in both Scott, Louisiana and Houston, Texas.

Watch our company’s timeline to learn more about our past and plans for the future. here.

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