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Core Values

LLOG conducts business with honesty and integrity. When we operate or conduct business, it shall be in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. LLOG believes that environmental incidents and work related injuries are preventable, and we strive to continuously improve our performance.

LLOG Safety Policy

  • Recognize that no business objective is as important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety
  • Comply with all federal, state, local and industry safety and health regulations and laws
  • Identify and eliminate potential hazards. Control and safely manage those hazards that cannot be eliminated
  • Set safety objectives and targets. Strive for continuous performance improvement
  • Hold employees, supervisors, management, and contractors accountable for their safety and the safety of personnel in their charge

LLOG Environmental Policy

  • Comply with all federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations
  • Expect all contractors and other parties engaged in activities on our operated properties to abide by all federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations
  • Continually endeavor to manage environmental risk through contingency planning and training of employees in environmental compliance
  • Conduct periodic audits of our operations to ensure compliance
LLOG Activities

Continue to focus on Safe, Clean Operations in the Gulf of Mexico by promoting “Target Safe Operations Daily”

LLOG Incident Rate Comparison

Safe Operations and Accurate Reporting (SOAR) Award

LLOG is a proud recipient of the Safe Operations and Accurate Reporting Award administered by the Department of the Interior. This award was given to companies who consistently show their commitment to transparency, safety, and governmental compliance.

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